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Join Us

MS can turn your life upside down; it’s scary, unpredictable and disruptive. But there are ways to make life with MS and other chronic conditions easier and we are here to help. 

As well as treating MS symptoms, the Centre provides therapies for many other conditions; cancer, fibromyalgia, stroke, ME (CFS), sports injuries, skin complaints, autism and cerebral palsy are just a few of the conditions currently being treated here.


By becoming a member you can access our therapy programmes and become part of a friendly and caring community where people understand the challenges you and your family are facing. Annual membership costs £25 per person, or £30 for family membership (£35 non MS, £40 family non MS), which provides access to therapy sessions for family members and carers. 

All therapies are subsidised. We will never turn away anyone who needs our help and therapy will not be refused to those who might struggle to pay. If you need help with the cost of therapy sessions please contact the Centre Director Rosie Eliot



To register with us please email Sarah Williamson or call her on 01985 217728 to arrange a convenient time to come in and have a tour of the building. On your first visit we will help you to complete a registration form so that we can understand your individual needs and discuss your potential therapy options. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our Centre!

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