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Fundraising Ideas

However you decide to support us, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way with fundraising advice, marketing resources and words of encouragement.


Whether it’s a cycling challenge, running a marathon, trekking across mountains, or organising a social event, there are lots of ways to fundraise for us. For sponsored activity you can create an online fundraising page to ask for support, keep track of donations and share your progress via Facebook or Twitter. Setting up a fundraising page with Localgiving is quick easy and 100% free! 

If you’re stuck for fundraising ideas, here is some inspiration...

A   Auction, art exhibition, aerobics, abseiling, arts and crafts day
B   Baby picture quiz, BBQ, book sale, bake-off, bad tie day, balloon race
C   Car cleaning, car boot sale, coffee morning, comedy night
D   Darts tournament, duck race, dinner party, dog walking
E   Eighties night, egg hunt, exhibition
F   Fancy dress party, fashion show, face painting
G   Golf tournament, games night, garden party, go karting
H   Halloween party, house party, head shaving
I    International theme party, It’s a Knockout tournament, indoor games night
J   Jumble sale, jazz night, jamboree
K   Karaoke night, kite flying competition
L   Leg wax for men, line dancing, log throwing
M   Murder mystery party, music gig, movie night
N   Netball tournament, no uniform day
O   Odd jobs, office swear box, open mic night
P   Pub quiz, pampering night, pool party, pet show
Q   Quiz night, quit smoking challenge
R   Race night, raffle, rock and roll party
S   Salsa, scrabble competition, skydive, supermarket bag packing
T   Tennis tournament, treasure hunt, talent show, tombola, tea party
U   Underwear party, University Challenge
V   Variety show, volleyball tournament, Valentines party
W   Wine tasting evening, Who Wants to be a Millionaire
X   Xmas drinks, X Factor Night
Y   Yogathon, youth club disco, yard sale
Z   Zorbing, Zumba, zoo party, zany clothing day

Happy fundraising!

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