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Reflexology is a completely safe form of therapy, as well as being a very relaxing and pleasant experience. 

The purpose of the therapy is to normalise the body’s functions to help break down tension, and to improve nerve function and blood supply throughout the whole body. Simple pressure is applied though the fingers to the minute reflex points in and around the feet and hands. This in turn has a stimulating effect on specific parts of the body.

Reflexology aims to correct the three negative factors of congestion, inflammation and tension.

  • Congested conditions are responsible for bringing about growths

  • Inflammatory conditions are those such as colitis, bronchitis, or sinusitis

  • Tension is responsible for lowering the efficiency of the immune system

The aim of reflexology is to improve and strengthen the weak areas of the body that are causing the condition or symptoms. In Multiple Sclerosis patients, bladder and bowel improvements have been felt by many. This is achieved by targeting the problem areas through the reflex points found on or around the feet and hands.



Sessions are available 9.00am to 2.00pm, Tuesday to Thursday. Contact Stephanie on 07746 798684 for more information and to book your appointment at our centre in Warminster.

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