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Yoga is uniquely able to assist people with Multiple Sclerosis.


Its gentle holistic activities, including breathing and meditation techniques, improve and help maintain energy flow, with minimal physical effort. Fitness and clarity of mind are improved, whilst further degeneration can be slowed down and even reversed.

Yoga has been developed over many thousands of years to promote good health and inner peace. It combines gentle holistic activities with breathing, meditation and visualisation to help:

  • Maintain fitness

  • Strengthen the body’s own self-healing powers

  • Energise both body and mind

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve concentration and clarity

  • Control and calm the mind

  • Help you to work, relax and sleep more deeply



Our yoga class is held in the bright physiotherapy gym at 11.00am on a Monday morning at our centre in Warminster and is often a mix of staff, volunteers, members and their partners. Everyone is welcome!

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